Lgt525 picked a winning design in their stationery contest

For just $268 they received 52 designs from 13 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Design stationary for an ecommerce hosting company


use our new logo to design a business card and stationary

Background information


Target audience is small businesses that need an ecommerce hosting site.

Brand Name

Brief Summary

We are a web ecommerce hosting company that needs a business card and stationary using our new logo. Business card is the most important part of this project. The business card should be clean and hip and use our logo and the slogan "ecommerce for small business". The colors should be the colors in the logo, the exact purple used in the logo, and black. If you want to use a third color use the gold that is on our website.

Content details


Design a business card, and stationary that will represent our image as seen on our website, The business card is the most important part of the design and should use our logo but also convey that we are a web ecommerce hosting site for small businesses. Purple, black and perhaps gold are the colors to use. Please use the exact colors on our website. All designs should be clean, hip and modern. The files should be able to be used as web signatures and web stationary as well as be printed as business cards and stationary.

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