99designs is changing the way the world creates design. Your contributions will help more than a million designers from 192 countries connect with customers worldwide. That’s a big stage. Are you ready to make an impact?
99designs office kitchen
99designs oakland office
Illustration by ultrastjarna
by ultrastjarna

Work on style, in style.

From our art-gallery setups in Melbourne and Oakland to our airy Berlin space in the heart of Kreuzberg, 99ers share an incredible environment. You'll work with a team that's as brilliant as they are down-to-earth. We encourage a supportive, collaborative work environment where no ideas are silly and everyone's voice is important.

Perks and benefits

At 99designs we want everyone to look forward to coming to work.

We have health and wellness programs to keep you on your toes. Our kitchens are choc full of healthy snacks, with an industrial-strength coffee machine and weekly lunches. 99ers have flexible working arrangements like generous parental leave and work from home days. There's an active social club, with events for you and your family.

We offer a variety of programs for learning and development. Our mentorship program offers 99ers a space to grow in new areas. Everyone learns their own way so whether it’s R&D days, book club or lunch ‘n’ learn, we’ve got you covered.
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99designs staff getting crafty