Our community uploads a new design every 1.5 seconds, which makes it really hard to choose our nine favorites each month, but we manage. Take a look at July’s finest winning designs, find some inspiration and vote for your favorite below.

1. St. Roch’s Bar

t-shirt design
by deadkid0018

St. Roch’s Bar is keeping Austin weird and celebrating the flavors of New Orleans in their sixth anniversary shirt.

2. A Man with One of those Faces

book cover design
by Pulp ART

Bold meets offbeat typography. This book cover did just the trick for Caimh McDonnell’s latest crime-meets-comedy thriller

3. Timeless Juice

bottle label design
by Daniel.art76

Old-timey tats never go out of style. And that made them the perfect inspiration for Timeless Juice, an e-juice company.

4. iVvy icons

icon design
by Vasil Enev

Bright, bubbly and anything but boring. iVvy, an event-planning software app, got these picture-perfect icons.

5. Profezer’ Nutz

packaging design
by El-Za

This design is NUTS! Vancouver Mist Holdings, another e-juice company, is launching a wild new flavor (with an even wilder name).

6. Escapes app

app design
by diana08358

Close your eyes. Deep breath in. Then out. Welcome to your happy place and the calm, serene color palettes of the Escapes meditation app.

7. Mr Smoking mascot

mr smoking
by Ramon Soto

He’s one part classic with an extra shot of classy. Mr. Smoking, a 130-year-old Spanish character, was reimagined for a 21st century audience.

8. Welder Head t-shirt

t-shirt design
by ferBow77

He’s no Rosie the Riveter, but this Skeleton the Welder looks so hot on this t-shirt for a UK welding company.

9. Kapabel app

app design
by Vonagard

Score! Kapabel is taking learning to the next level by adding gaming features to their groundbreaking education app.

Best of luck to this month’s nominees!