Designer Advocates

Advocates are our most influential designers. They are active Platinum members of 99designs and are pros at what they do.

Through the Advocate program, they collaborate with our team as we continue to curate the community and improve the 99designer experience.

What is the Advocate program?

The Advocate program is a collective of 99designs’ top designers. We invite our most active and community-driven Platinum designers to become members of the program to make sure their efforts shine, their opinions are heard and they are getting as much out of 99designs as they are putting in.

What are qualities of an advocate?

Advocates are Platinum-level designers passionate about making 99designs a leader in design online, but it takes more than passion to be an advocate.

  • are leaders: confident, pro-active, socially involved and well-spoken  
  • fully understand our site, what we stand for, and protect our rules & policies
  • conduct themselves professionally on- and off-site  
  • are driven by design and helping other designers grow
  • are reliable for creating, delivering and recognizing quality design

What are benefits of enrolling?

Advocates are at the top of the list for a number of perks:

  • Expand your personal skill set with professional opportunities
  • Be one of the first designers to test new 99designs products and site changes
  • Nominate new talent for Platinum promotion
  • Receive prime exposure through customer-facing marketing and blog content
  • Get priority support from our top designer account manager
  • Be placed in 1-to-1 projects with our internal Creative and Enterprise teams
  • Be sponsored for attendance at local art and design conferences through 99d
  • Enjoy freebies including 99designs merchandise, design subscriptions and books
… and much more.

How do advocates get involved?

To be an advocate, designers should maintain their standing as an active site member by regularly participating in contests and/or projects on 99designs, and assisting their community by getting involved through various activities.

While proactive participation is highly encouraged, it is not required. Advocates can volunteer in countless ways. From sharing their thoughts in writing on our blog, or hosting a local meetup with other designers, the activities outlined below are only a glimpse into the possibilities.

Share your voice

  • Testimonials: Give insight into your experience on 99designs.
  • Interviews: Tell the story of your designer journey.
  • Online, on- and off-site: Represent your position as a proud community member in the forum, around the web, or in person – wherever you are.
  • Social media: Curate posts for a weekly takeover of our Instagram account or contribute share-worthy media with our marketing coordinator and get a special shout-out while you’re at it.

Become a mentor

  • Host webinars: Whether you’re looking to teach a technique or raise a discussion, webinars are a fun way to engage your peers and expand your professional skillset.
  • Write for the blog: Design trends, news, technology, history or events – what piques your interest? If you have an itch to write, we’ll get you on your way to publishing articles on our blog.
  • Educate non-Platinum designers: Pass along your sage advice on using 99designs and growing one’s skills to new and struggling designers. Everyone can use a helping hand and, as an advocate, yours is priceless!

Share your expertise

  • Give feedback: Our team seeks to keep your thoughts in the loop when changing or developing features for the site. Stay ahead of what’s coming on 99d and help us understand the designer perspective by sharing your thoughts in our Advocate-exclusive forum.
  • Curate: You know quality when you see it. If a designer is prime for Platinum promotion, we want you to nominate them for a portfolio review. Alternatively, designers who raise concerns should also be brought to our team’s attention. Doing this allows us to cultivate a healthy, happy community.
  • Moderate: The forum is where our designer community comes to life. We can always use your help to moderate posts across the forum to ensure that users are guided in the right direction, conversations stay healthy and constructive, and, most importantly, that everyone feels included and is treated respectfully.

Meetups: Run a 99creative collective

  • Host a meetup: Organizing a meetup is no easy feat, but they are always worth the time and effort. Meetups can be big or small, casual or formal. If you are interested in hosting a meetup in your area, be sure to fill out the “99creative collective” section of the application.

Interested in becoming an Advocate?

For questions, contact