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I'll break down the design into two parts, the symbol and the typography. The symbol was fantastic in that she elegantly solved an interesting challenge using white space. I'm a big believer in less is more and this design is a great example of that. She also was one of few who really bothered with the typographic aspect. I could tell that the other designers put thought into typography, so far as they used their favorite "go-to" fonts for this style of design, but nothing beyond selecting a nice font and adjusting the spacing. My designer took the time to stylize the typography and it made a huge difference.

My only critique is that we had some communications issued during the editing phase. She never really understood what I was asking her to adjust and I ended up selecting the original design with the intention of making adjustments on our end.

Overall, it was an amazing experience! Thank you. :)

Review by Davey_Reno
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